Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Day 3 in Vermont!

You Goat To Be Kidding! 

There was no kidding around on our third day in Vermont! We are acquiring many new skills, muscle from lifting goats, muscle from holding the goat in one place for samples, and more muscle! 

We've plated samples from a group of goats that have sore mouth and continued gathering samples from kids and their mothers! 

3 kids were born today and we were amazed to watch the doe give birth! We've sampled some milking machinery and we look forward to see the results tomorrow! 

We hope that with all our new skills and muscle..we will start a goat farm. Just kidding! 

Tomorrow we plan on analyzing the plates and devising a plan for future testing upon our return to campus. 
Stay tuned to read about the results  

"Smiling Goat" 

Kids from Day 1! 

Dr.Bezotte with the kissing goats!

"What is this small goat?"

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