Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Here We Goat Again in the Lab !

Time to Analyze Our Samples 

                       The Elmira College research students are back at it on campus! They made their way back to campus last Friday and started analyzing their samples. We've been busy creating slides and recording the results. A few of the tests they have conducted are Eosin methylene blue agars (EMB) , Blood agars, Bile Esculin tests and a few others! We have already been able to give some feedback to the farms out in Vermont. The preliminary results have been able to improve conditions and there is already an increase in health for a few of the goats. 
                       We aspire to isolate some of the bacteria and perform DNA and protein analysis. We are feeling positive about the contributions we can make to the farms and the scientific field with our research!

Here are a few pictures of Cory, Melody, and Dr. Bezotte in the Lab:

Look at all the slides we've made! 

Cory hard at work analyzing slides and EMB plates!

Dr. Bezotte giving us her expert advice! Thank you again :) 

Melody adding samples to the Bile Esculin tubes (below). 

More updates soon to come! 

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